Maria is a Professional Business and Life Coach.

She is motivating, inspiring, and compassionate.

Her education and background lie in corporate management, team building and development, personal training, and luxury travel. Maria earned a Business Management Degree in Beijing, China; she graduated from the rigorous and acclaimed “Coaches Training Program” presented by Accomplishment Coaching in Seattle, Washington. She is currently a Mentor of the program, training outstanding coaches.

Maria focuses her coaching practice on supporting people to create the life of their dreams.

She partners with leaders, managers, teams and individuals to:

  • Determine their goals, and to create an action plan to achieve them.
  • Dramatically improve their ability to communicate, connect, motivate, and inspire.
  • Transform their behaviors and habits by applying simple tools that lead to satisfaction, empowerment, and tangible results.

Maria is committed to being a World Leader and to making a difference, one conversation at a time.


My passion for entrepreneurial and leadership coaching

My mother was a born entrepreneur. Although orphaned at the age of 12, she was loving, courageous and independent. Unfortunately, in the early 70s in China, these qualities were not prized. She was called a bad mother and a bad wife because she was not content just staying at home cooking, cleaning and obeying her husband. She was, however, my idol.

My mother was very smart, extremely hardworking, creative, and ambitious for her children. She always gave 100% to everything she set her heart on. I witnessed my mother lead over one hundred men working in her factory. I experienced her powerful desire and understood how much it could accomplish. I was inspired by her pride and perseverance, even though I felt her pain and heartbreak when she struggled raising four children while chasing after her dreams. She did her best and I loved her for that.

Unfortunately, she was a perfect lone ranger. She lost her vision each time she got to the peak of her mountain. She was a natural leader; she quickly inspired people. Still, they became resentful of her style and left her after working with her for a short time. She had not created a solid structure to sustain or build upon what she had accomplished, nor did she have someone to help her see the predictable outcomes of her choices.

Divorced twice and bankrupted three times, she fell hard after these failures. Because I was there each time she lost everything, I was as puzzled as she was.

The impact of her crashes had a profound impact on our family. I was cynical, angry and very, very sad. It took my family many years to mend what was broken in our hearts and our relationships. Now though, my mother and I are best friends, and she has become my best teacher.

My mother could have had a great retirement life. She worked so hard and totally deserved it. She is retired now but she has no pension and little savings.

Here is what I have learned from my mother. Entrepreneurs and leaders start what they do with a vision, a what-for, a dream. However, just giving their best is not always the path to success. Sometimes they need to get out of their own way so they can enjoy, thrive and be rewarded meaningfully in what they do. I have learned how to support them in a powerful way in the pursuit of their dreams by determining what is true success for them, creating measurable and specific goals that will lead to long-term stability and achievement.