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The mission of Leading a Mindful Life program is to Awake the Inner Wisdom in Human Beings.

I believe we will create a new world if the majority of the populations are mindful of who we are being and the impact our beliefs and actions are making on others and the world, on a daily basis.

When we are present to our inner wisdom, we know we are whole, complete and lack nothing. We are open and present. We are willing to own our judgements and beliefs, and we are willing to listen to connect. We are ONE.

The intention of this membership program is to provide a consistent, powerful, and affordable structure where like minded people to practice leading a mindful life together.

Let’s be the change, together. 

In the midst of the turbulence surrounding COVID-19, the whole world is out of their comfort zone. It is completely normal that we are confused, frustrated, worried, angry, sad or whatever feelings we might have. It is what we learned to do when we are in the unknown.

When we sense danger, our mind is in fight-flight-freeze mode. Our muscles tense up, our body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. We get ready to protect us from threats. Because our body is always present, NOW the danger IS real.

Our thoughts train our body by causing feelings that correspond to the thoughts. And every emotions you feel and event you experience, you produce chemicals that affects your body. By unknowingly repeating the cycle in our daily activities, we are now stuck in the same thinking and feeling pattern.

Everyone I know is impacted by the pandemic outbreak. We are in this together. The more we stay centred and aware, the more we can support our loved ones and our community.

It’s Time to Start Leading a Mindful Life

The Leading a Mindful Life Membership program is designed to separate your thinkings and feelings with your awareness. You will move away from fight-flight-freeze, discover the patterns that limits you, gain new insights and tools, and you will practice to lead a more mindful life from clarity and power. You will feel better: more centred, more grounded, more in control. You will move beyond fear, judgements and blame to joy, love and compassion.

Mind map

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you focus on, you create more of.

What we want to see to happen, starts here.

The Leading a Mindful Life Membership involves:

  • monthly membership program for $30/month (+ GST)
  • 3 live, interactive workshops each month
  • private Facebook group to connect and discover resources
  • weekly ‘office hour’: weekly one hour live support. I will be here to host Q & A, spot coaching, provide connection. It’s designed to provide more personalized support to the members.
  • ongoing conversations as consistent structures to help change your way of thinking

The monthly membership auto-renews every month, but there is no minimum time commitment. Cancel anytime. 30 days guaranteed refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

The cost is only $1/day. Less than what most people spend on coffee every week! Is changing your life worth the cost of a weekly coffee?

$30 Monthly Membership

Who Am I?

I am a life and leadership coach.

I helped hundreds of business owners, professionals, teams, and entrepreneurs to thrive in the process of change. I work with clients to create new awareness and insight, and to apply customized tools that integrates the insight and action in their daily life. Thru powerful coaching conversations, clients move from being stuck to self empowerment, from being lack of satisfaction to creating fulfilling results, from struggling to authentic commitment.

Rather than simply changing surface behaviours and habits, clients get to thrive in the process of change that leads to permanent, sustainable transformation and to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Join Us

You already have what it takes to make your dreams a reality, you just need a plan. Join us in this membership program and be prepared to turn those dreams into reality.

$30 Monthly Membership