Live a Loving Life – A Course In Miracles Integrated

An 8 week workshop series hosted by Maria Ji

Live a Loving Life - A Course in Miracles Integrated

This series of 8 workshops is for anyone who is curious about their own spirituality and wants to learn more about their divine connection to the Universe and beyond.

I’m committed to helping people choose love, no matter where they are, and what they believe; to supporting people in becoming aware that we can choose love anytime, and how that will make everything possible.

The workshops are based on A Course In Miracles content, combined with a structured coaching experience, which will help you to transform what you learn into real life experience.

My intention for these workshops is to create a space for like-minded people to share and connect through love. Each week we will focus on a different theme, based partly on A Course In Miracles content, and partly on the needs of participants. So topics may include:

  • To become aware how we give what we see all the meanings, and how it effects our experience in life
  • To practice to let go of the past thoughts to become free from the past
  • To become aware the power of our thoughts because all thoughts have power, to practice coming from the thoughts that lead us to the life we desire
  • To learn and experience ‘miracle’ moment every time by choosing love over fear
  • To practice live a fully-expressed life by seeing we are a part of the Spirit and / or Universe energy
  • To learn how ego effects our mind therefore our behaviour and overall experience of life
  • To experience more peace through trust in self, others, and Spirit and / or Divine

Love makes everything possible.
Consciously choosing love over fear and experiencing miracle moments will transform your life!


Live a Loving Life – A Course In Miracles Integrated
Lead by: Maria Ji – Professional Business and Life Coach
When: 8 Thursday 6:00 – 7:00 pm starting April 18, 2019
Where: Centre For Spiritual Living at 516 S Dogwood St, Campbell River
Cost: $210 for all 8 workshops or $35 drop-in.
Space is limited, register by April 4.

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