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Maria Ji

I take a holistic approach and coach your whole being: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, financial, and occupational. By strengthening your connection to the wholeness of you, we access your personal power and find the way to realize your full potential – you transform into who you can fully be.

Who I Work With

  • You want to experience joy, peace, and fulfillment in life, but you are pulled in opposite direction.
  • You want to live your best life possible and to make a difference, but you are stuck with disempowering beliefs about yourself and the world.
  • You have a lot of awareness and know what to do to make the change, but for whatever reason you either could not start or stay motivated in taking the steps that matter.
  • You experience physical and emotional pain, and you know it’s possible to live without them, but you failed to fully heal and transform your experience of the pain.

How We Get There

  • We will reveal and nurture your authentic self. You will access to your personal power in your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and purpose. You will align your actions from that place.
  • We will expand and build on your strength while shining the light on your blind spots that unconsciously holding you back from realizing your desired life.
  • We will change your thought process and support you creating actions so that the new experience and outcome of your desired life is sustainable.
  • We will design personalized tools that strengthen new awareness and establish behaviours in support of experiencing the wholeness of you.

10 Years Experience As A Transformational Life Coach

What I Offer

In addition to traditional (and effective) 1-on-1 coaching, I have several other offers that you can access immediately to start the process of changing your life.

Free Download: Guided Meditation

A free breathing exercise and guided meditation to help encourage and grow your self-love practice.

Course: Pain-Free from the Inside Out

Don't let pain take over your life. You have the power to take control and change things from the inside out.

1-on-1 Coaching

Book a free consultation session to discuss how working with me would help change your life.

How My Clients Feel

I have worked with some incredible clients, who have undergone incredible transformations, and I'm thrilled they are willing to share their experiences.

Maria Ji
Amazing is she.
Because she coached me
into massive action, you see.
I failed to find
the motivation to grind
on a passionate project of mine.
She came in strong
drumming the magic beat of her song.
Within me she instilled
the power to find my own will,
to fight and to rise
with service to others as my prize.
Each time we met,
I would always get
all I needed and more,
since she was ever willing to explore
the many thoughts and emotions
I would spill all over the floor.
In her safe space,
together you’ll set the pace
she’ll ensure that you will
win your own race.
To Maria Ji
your progress is key
she will most certainly
coach you to your victory.
So much Love, thank you Maria.
Forever grateful for you and all you do.

Prior to finding a coach I was searching for direction and was unable to focus on “What” it was I was even seeking. I knew I wanted change but I was unsure of the direction I should take. I wanted to change the way I listened and reacted to situations. I also was looking for guidance to change my health habits and exercise habits but what I found in Maria Ji was so much more. Maria helped me understand, through asking great questions, that I had all the answers inside of me. She empowered me to look at life in a new way and brought out superpowers that were buried below my surface. I have renewed confidence and a stronger sense of presence now. I have the ability to embrace the unknown as an old friend. Maria Ji changed my way of thinking. She is a thinker, a doer holds no judgement and allows you to grow through hard work and a facilitated check in process. I highly recommend her if you are looking to make small or significant changes in the way you want to think. After a few sessions with Maria, and her great ability to find the right way to address my inner demons, my internal conflict has subsided and so has my physical pain!
I had the privilege of working with Maria as I continue to transition from my 26 year role in education as a teacher and school counselor into the new field of real estate. Maria helped me see how my limiting thought patterns were getting in the way of moving forward with my goals. Through her coaching, I was allowed to dream of the life I wanted by looking at it through the eyes of possibility - the sky was the limit. She took me from the first session of writing down my dream life to three months later, focused on my intentional 'anchors' and mindset awareness for each of my projects. I have a structure in place now and momentum to help carry me forward. She helped me beyond measure by listening and hearing beyond my words to guide my way. I wholeheartedly recommend Maria to you! If you're willing to do the work, she'll get you to where you want to go. Thank you Maria!


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