Services Include:

Business Coaching

You are small or medium business owners, you are passionate about what you do, you have tried many approaches to your work and you know there are more attempts before you achieve your goals. We will create structures to build a thriving business and to establish lasting transformations in your life.

What does that mean to you?

  • Identifying what true success and fulfillment mean for you
  • Creating projects with measurable, specific goals and translating them into actions
  • Discovering through conversations what stands in the way of your commitment and goals, and helping to get you out of your own way

Leadership & Executive Coaching

You are leaders or executives in expanded or new roles, you are committed to inspire, to lead with excellence and to make a difference.

Our coaching will focus on

  • Boosting your work performance and self-satisfaction
  • Aligning your actions with your core commitment and values
  • Leading and building a highly effective team

Entrepreneurs Group Coaching

This is designed for a group of entrepreneurs working toward similar goals in a team setting. The group provides powerful structures and support to quicken your progress. Join other entrepreneurs who are just like you.

Together you will

  • Get coached, develop tools and create projects
  • Learn from each other, create accountability and partnership, build support structures
  • Build a thriving business filled with abundance, joy and fulfillment

Business Consulting

Part consulting, part mentoring, part coaching. I work with retail business owners to

  • Identify ingredients missing in creating a successful business
  • Build a succession plan that is measurable, specific and customized to your business
  • Create an engaged team and increase customer acquisition through
    • building an effective training plan
    • increasing customer satisfaction
    • simplifying operation procedures