I sought out Maria for coaching support as I healed from a pulled muscle, a surprise injury that happened during a workout. As a coach, I knew a) that there was a lesson for me to learn from this experience and b) that I wouldn't be able to see it for myself, as I needed to gain a new perspective that was outside of my current habitual thinking.

Maria listened careful to my thoughts and feelings about my injury: the frustration, my fear of never fully recovering, the "this isn't fair" and my desire to use this situation to learn something valuable going forward. Then, after I cleared the air, Maria invited me to consider: does my mind lead my body, or does my body lead my mind? And, with this one question, I found my answer...my learning...my growth: I have always had a mind-over-matter approach to my body. One product of this relationship with my body is the belief that I can conquer my body, I can push through my limits...and that this is how I will make the progress that I want (getting stronger, in better shape, looking better). So, when my body doesn't comply and is injured, I naturally get angry or frustrated because my idea of our quid pro quo relationship has been broken.

The breakthrough for me, what I got from my coaching with Maria, is the opportunity look at my situation from a spiritual perspective — with the reminder that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. From this view, way outside of my normal patterns, I was able to create actions that supported my healing from a holistic mind/body/spirit approach. A week after my conversation with Maria, I can report that I am healing in partnership with my body — I am healing much more quickly than I expected and have discovered a new level of love (and respect) for my physical being.

Thank you for your insight and support, Maria!

Logan Reed - MBA, PCC, Founder of Call Me Unstoppable

Prior to finding a coach I was searching for direction and was unable to focus on “What” it was I was even seeking. I knew I wanted change but I was unsure of the direction I should take. I wanted to change the way I listened and reacted to situations. I also was looking for guidance to change my health habits and exercise habits but what I found in Maria Ji was so much more.
Maria helped me understand, through asking great questions, that I had all the answers inside of me. She empowered me to look at life in a new way and brought out superpowers that were buried below my surface.
I have renewed confidence and a stronger sense of presence now. I have the ability to embrace the unknown as an old friend. Maria Ji changed my way of thinking. She is a thinker, a doer holds no judgement and allows you to grow through hard work and a facilitated check in process. I highly recommend her if you are looking to make small or significant changes in the way you want to think.

Pat McKenna - https://comoxmckenna.ca/ - Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North - Town of Comox Councillor - President, Three Legged Dog Productions

"I have worked with Maria Ji on and off for 2 years, and will continue to work with her in the future. When I feel out of alignment with my intuition, I know it's time to come back for a healthy does of actualization and Maria has a way of asking just the right questions to bump me out of my comfort and ego zones.
Maria takes a stand for her clients greatness especially when things get tough. She won't babysit you or tell you what you want to hear - she will reflect back to you what you can't be with in yourself and she does it in a way that does not feel judgmental. Every session opens a window through which the fresh air of freedom can flow and it's the clients choice whether to leave the window open or to close it. She will respect you; hold you accountable; support you; call you on your stuff; create space for you to grow and leave all judgment in the garbage can. I highly recommend Maria when you are ready to tackle the tough stuff.
Thank you Maria for the space you have held for me to grow. "

Mia Jerritt - Integrated Life Strategies www.miajerritt.com

" My year working with Maria was amazing. I loved how solution orientated the process was. If you can do the work that coaching requires you can go very far, very fast. In our year together I saw improvements in my business, my family and my life overall - and I continue to see improvements in all these areas. If you're ready for positive change - invest in yourself and contact Maria - you will be so glad you did."

Leah Tremain - Tremain Media Inc.

I met Maria through a good friend at a time of great upheaval and change in my life both professionally and personally. I was in search of professional help to navigate the emotional consequences of the hard personal decisions I had recently made. One conversation was all I needed to know I had found the perfect match in Maria. Her pragmatic and direct manner is exactly what I need and want in my confidante, counselor, and coach. Her life experience and training give her a unique perspective that her Clients benefit from. Professionally, I feel that I have taken control of my business. I am active in building my business rather than reacting to the demands of my business. The growth I have experienced exceeded the goal I initially set for myself professionally, this is a direct result of the practices I have taken on as a result of my coaching. The financial benefit has far outweighed the cost of her service, said cost being my only hesitation to committing to coaching. I can whole heartedly recommend Maria and her coaching services to anyone that is ready to be the director of their own life and business. 

Shelley King - Royal LePage Advance Realty

I’ve hired Maria two separate times over the last few years. The first time I had no idea what a life coach was and how it could help me. Although life had been fairly good …… I wanted it to be great! The first time, I was a busy mom of teenaged daughters, wife, business owner, community volunteer (sitting on 4 boards), part-time financial administrator for a local not-for-profit charity and …….. life was overwhelming.  After 6 months of coaching, I had resigned from 3 of my volunteer positions, quit my job after 18 years, and with the help of Maria, I started elevating the quality of my life. I’ve always loved personal growth and development but never had the support and insight to see what was holding me back. Not WHAT was holding me back but how I was holding myself back!

Two years later, I hired Maria for a 12 month contract. It was time to move even further ahead. I was now an empty nester, was starting a health and wellness business and exploring what it was like to move into the new phase of my life - my 50’s!  I wanted to find the passion that had been depleted so long ago. I had a lot of work to do.

Without getting into much personal detail; I have to say that these past 12 months have been a wonderful journey to self love and acceptance. I had found it so easy to offer kindness and compassion to others but was not so kind to myself. Maria’s strategies and techniques assisted me in overcoming the obstacles that were in my way. I love being present to what is not feeling good in my life. Noticing it and taking action has been my biggest achievement.

Maria’s dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation has been instrumental in my success at breaking through my limiting beliefs. I am now equipped with tools and techniques to use over and over again and I’ve discovered new ways to do things to bring more success in everything I do.

Thank you Maria - I now have more JOY and LOVE in my life.

Tina Bailey - Wife, Mother of two amazing adult daughters, and Entrepreneur

I had the privilege of working with Maria as I continue to transition from my 26 year role in education as a teacher and school counselor into the new field of real estate. Maria helped me see how my limiting thought patterns were getting in the way of moving forward with my goals.

Through her coaching, I was allowed to dream of the life I wanted by looking at it through the eyes of possibility - the sky was the limit. She took me from the first session of writing down my dream life to three months later, focused on my intentional 'anchors' and mindset awareness for each of my projects. I have a structure in place now and momentum to help carry me forward. She helped me beyond measure by listening and hearing beyond my words to guide my way. I wholeheartedly recommend Maria to you! If you're willing to do the work, she'll get you to where you want to go. Thank you Maria!

Renee Bert - School Counselor & Part-time Real Estate Agent

我跟我男朋友在遇到maria的时候,我的工作遇到了瓶颈,总觉得无法很开心的在公司上班。我男朋友处在换到新工作的时期。当听到她是life coach的时候,很兴奋,因为觉得这是一份很酷的职业。于maria正式约见面后,maria 很亲切,很容易让人open up。在appointment 1/3时间长的时候,有种豁然开朗的感觉。她的提问让我更加了解了内心深处的自己,以及我到底想要什么,我怎么样才能得到自己想要的。为了能时刻提醒自己于maria的对话,她还出策如果做到时不时的提醒自己。跟maria的见面很愉快,也帮助了我们很多。很开心能有此机会学到了很多东西。最主要的,是学会了如果用另外一种眼光,与另一种处理事情的办法来看待我们现在面临的问题,谢谢maria。

Cindy Ding - Royal LePage Advance Realty

When a good friend suggested I meet with Maria for a consult to see if coaching was for me, I honestly was a little skeptical. Upon our first meeting I was very excited and knew that this might be just what I needed. I quickly realized that I was currently “stuck in a fog” and unfocused in different aspects of my life, and knew I needed help. I felt that Maria could help me, but my only hesitation was the financial investment. Upon my husband and I agreeing that we could commit to the financial investment for a limited time or 6 months, the Coaching begun.
I have been seeing Maria for a year now, which is longer than I originally planned, however when I reached the 6 month time frame, I recognized that while I had made so much progress so far, there was more growing and work I was looking forward to doing.
When I look back over this last year, I am amazed at how far I have come, reaching goals, and landmarks in my life I thought were too far out of reach.
Maria has helped me look at my ways of thinking and habits and has helped me interrupt cycles to allow new outcomes. She has helped me to establish new ways of thinking and encouraged me to set goals that I previously thought unattainable. I appreciate the way she encourages me to look further into areas and encourages me to see and recognize my habitual ways of thinking and being. She also challenges me to come up with new ways of thinking and being to support me better in an encouraging and supporting way.
I appreciate the way Maria encourages my growth in a supportive, compassionate, and spiritual way and non pressuring way. I would highly recommend Maria and her coaching to anyone, whether they feel a need for change in their life or not, Maria’s coaching will bring great benefit and growth to their lives.

Joanne Millar - Royal LePage Advance Realty

Working with Maria has been an amazing experience for me. Both in my business and personal life I have grown and continue to push myself to new levels of understanding. Maria has a great ability to help you figure out what's really going on to help you move closer to your goals and helping map out a viable plan. Giving you the tools you need so you can stop standing in the way of your own success.
Investing in me and hiring Maria was one of the best business decisions I have made. Thank-you Maria, I look forward to continuing working with you.

Joyce Carson - President of Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa www.crmerlenorman.com

"Life coaching is something I never understood or believed in. However, Maria's approach impressed me because it was very structured and professional.

After about 6 months my conversations with people, especially clients, became more open and easy. I was no longer afraid to say what I think and I was no longer afraid of their responses. My listening skills also improved. My closing rate increased to 90% from 50% since I’ve been working with Maria.

Maria helped me bring my inner self to the surface, resulting in improved personal and business relationships.

I highly recommend her to help you discover your “authentic self” and become more successful in your life."

Maria Lee - B. Sc. Hons. Maria's Anti-Aging Strategies and Treatments

"In three months Maria helped me realize how I was holding myself back from working with more private clients. She helped me push harder, expect more of myself and stay on track towards my goals. She helped me increase my income to a level I hadn't enjoyed for over 10 years!"

Amy Englemark - Amy Englemark Coaching Company

"Six months of coaching with Maria is one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself. I chose to start working with her during a time of expected transition. I was a new lawyer, uncertain about where I was going and what I wanted from my job, and my career. Six months later, I am choosing between three exciting job opportunities. All three are opportunities that I didn't even know existed, and are certainly not things I saw as 'possible' half a year ago. With Maria, I worked through the uncertainty, and my own patterns of resigning myself to things that I think I "should" be doing or that I "have" to do. I practiced patience with myself and with my progress. More importantly, I practiced getting into action to go beyond where I normally stop, and staying in action or returning to action when I hit setbacks, disappointments and fear. Through it all I felt supported, loved, understood - Maria was a partner whose commitment to my success never waned for a moment.

The awareness I generated through my sessions with Maria about my own tendencies and habits has allowed me to relate to uncertainty and change in totally new ways. I feel a new level of confidence in myself and my ability to keep generating momentum, no matter what the circumstances. I'm incredibly grateful for Maria's powerful coaching, and the partnership we generated in creating what I want. I can't wait to work with her again."

Alex Etchell - Lawyer, Fisheries Policy Analyst

"In the 14 months I have been working with Maria I have increased my business income to more than I had made in the past 5 years. I have created an exciting, effective and motivated team. I have accomplished several major goals in both my business and personal life. My business and personal relationships are stronger and my future outlook is incredibly positive. Maria has helped me communicate, connect and lead at a whole new level. Our coaching has transformed my approach to business and life and I could not have continued building my business without her. I'm grateful for the decision I made hiring Maria!"

Janet Martyn - Partylite Team Builder

“When I first met Maria, I felt things in my life were going pretty good. Why did I need a life coach? She told me she helps people grow their business and being self employed, I was intrigued. After our free consultation, despite many fears, I started working with Maria on a weekly basis and continue to do so.

Our sessions have brought me contentment in all aspects of my life. Through simple practices, powerful questions, personalized projects, and reflection, I have significantly changed my life. . . extremely quickly. I feel as though nothing can stand in my way, both in business and personally. My relationships are stronger, I am attracting more clients and income, and I have reduced stress and tension.

Thank you Maria for helping me to remove obstacles which hold me back and for guiding me to live my life from a place of love and passion rather than fear. You are amazing. I am forever grateful.”

Leah Mouritsen - The Mortgage Wizard

“I have been working with Maria for 8 months now. In that time not only have I achieved many goals but also grown as a human being. I have had Maria’s support in taking on the world of self-employment and creating a vast social network in a city new to me. One of the greatest impacts working with Maria has had is my ability to practice self-compassion. Maria stands for my possibilities and what I want to create in life and that is reflected in her coaching style. She has a generous, fun spirit!”

Sarah Schneider - Leadership Coach & Vision Strategist

"I have had the pleasure to work with Maria for a year and a half. She has been remarkably caring, patient, and supportive throughout this journey. My time with Maria has been personally, very busy, yet she continues to provide accountability for the goals I have set in my life. She consistently guides with enthusiasm to help me achieve things that I had once thought were impossible.

Maria has been instrumental in shaping the person I have become. Looking back on what I have become and what I have achieved since first working with Maria, it is easy for me to say I would not be where I am today without her knowledge and guidance. I look forward to future challenges with her in my corner.

The goals I have achieved are:
Running my first ever marathon AND Qualifying for the Boston Marathon on that first try!
Successfully completing my Masters degree.
Presenting on topics of passion and in my field of study for the FIRST time -online, local, provincial, and national conferences, all in the span of a year.
Becoming a father and taking it on the way I want.
Getting a new job!
Following my dreams to move abroad.

Thanks Maria!"

Marcus Down

Two months after I began working with Maria I released my first app. I started this project 3 years ago. Maria is a gifted life coach and mentor and has the unique ability to see what is happening on a subconscious level. She has helped me create new patterns of thinking with her arsenal of tools. She is able to create a safe and nurturing environment which has allowed me to set goals and talk about my fears honestly. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with Maria.
This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Nina Baksh - M.Sc Founder Out of Bounds Apps; GIS Coordinator, City of Campbell River