Five Keys For A Highly Effective Leader


Through my years of coaching I’ve worked with many leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and change makers. I have noticed, repeatedly, how much more effective my clients have become when we implement simple but foundational focuses in their daily routine. Inevitably, they are happier because they create results that are aligned with their intentions.

These points of focus, or keys, are applicable not just to business owners or managers with many employees. Anyone who strives to make positive changes in their lives can become more effective in what they do by applying them.

 Key #1 – Fill your cup. 

Simple. We are less willing to give if our cups are empty. To be responsible for your own wellbeing is nothing but a form of self-love. How can we expect others to love us when we do not? It is impossible to inspire or truly connect with others when we neglect our own physical and emotional health. 

  • Write down five things that you know will immediately increase your wellbeing.
  • Start to integrate them into your daily activities.
  • Build a checklist to track your progress.

We think more clearly and creatively when our energy increases.

Key #2 – Be present to your goals.

Everybody has goals. People who achieve their goals know what they are. If you hang it on the wall and look at it often, a vision board is a great tool for remembering your goals. However, it’s not the only method.

  • Write a blurb of your goals and put it up by your nightstand or bathroom mirror.
  • Record your goals on your phone and listen to them often.   
  • Be precise. What does achieving my goals look like? How will I feel when I accomplish them?

 Key #3 – Plan your day the night before.

  • Take five minutes before finishing your day to plan tomorrow. 
  • Make a list of all tasks and prioritize them by importance and deadlines. Prioritizing does not mean doing everything by yourself and getting it all done. It means completing what’s most important then moving on to the next task. 
  • Ask yourself: what are the three things that will make the most impact for me if I accomplish them today? Then put these three to the top of your list.

 Key #4 – Take action.

No action, no results. Without action, your goals can quickly become toxic so that you wish you had never set them in the first place. 

  • Break the goals into small pieces.
  • Then take on mini-actions that prevent you from setting yourself up for failure. Lots of people made the mistake of taking on too much before they have built strong action muscles. 

Key #5 – Acknowledge what you have accomplished. 

This is the perfect antidote to the nagging voice in your head: I should go for a walk, I shouldn’t have had that ice cream, I should … (fill in the blank). 

  • Keep that voice checked! At the end of each day, ask yourself: what have I accomplished today?
  • Take 30 seconds to review what you have done that day. You’ll be surprised how quickly the nagging quiets down. 

 Lastly, consistency is critical for anyone to sustain positive changes. Be like a dog with a bone. Persevere and thrive!