Transform Your Kryptonite – The Way to Create a Fulfilled Life

I believe we are born with a purpose to fulfil, and in order to live a fulfilled life, we are gifted with our own superpower. Some people have a beautiful unique voice, some can dance like nobody’s business, some can teach anyone anything, and some feel naturally connected with spirit. I don’t remember when it started, but I see possibilities everywhere and potential in everyone.

However, not everyone can fulfil their purpose. We often get stuck in circumstances or beliefs that we feel powerless to change. Some people try really hard to change and end up stuck even more, while some get over it and keep going.

What if you could transform your Kryptonite and tap into your superpower every time you got stuck? How would that help transform your life and what would that make possible?

Identifying Your Kryptonite

The key lies in identifying your Kryptonite, paying particular attention to the issues that are not always obvious.

Some examples:
Obvious issues: procrastination, feeling not good enough, can’t stay in action, judgements, overeating, can’t keep a job or relationship, etc.

What might be hidden beneath: I don’t deserve happiness, I’m not loveable, fear of loss, the world is not safe, it’s not right or worthy if I don’t struggle, etc.

Once you’ve identified the issue, it’s time to take the important step: create a NEW relationship to the belief AND apply it everywhere in your life.

My Story

A few weeks ago, I had an anxiety attack right after picking up my new car in Vancouver. Right away I knew I was being affected by Kryptonite. My coach helped me see that my subconscious mind made up the story that success is a time bomb: don’t get too successful because it will come back to bite you. Even when you are successful, don’t brag about it because it’s not permanent anyway.

It’s a belief I learned from watching my mom lose everything when I was 12. My mom was a born entrepreneur and she had ‘arrived at success’. She had around 100 guys working for her and the factory was packed with people all the time. There was a lot of money coming in every day. Then before I knew it, we lost everything. I had to drop out of school and was sent to live with my stepdad.

Now, I’m not saying that every day I wake up thinking about how I can limit success. I was clear on what my goals were and was taking consistent action to reach them. Life seemed promising and I felt excited about the results I was creating everywhere.

The fear of success showed up after I incorporated my coaching business, bought a very nice car, and two other businesses started taking off.

Once I brought the belief to the surface, I started noticing it playing out everywhere. I wanted to host workshops and give lectures, but I never seemed to make time for those things. I don’t always share with others the great things I’m up to, or ask for help, and I often choose safety over what I truly desire.

Sound familiar?

Getting Unstuck

Now that I see the Kryptonite, how do I get unstuck?

By creating a new relationship with success that gives me NEW possibility.

Instead of ‘success is a time bomb’, I decided that success could be a tool used to create more desired results. I want to help people to fulfil their unlimited potential, and honestly, not many people want to hear from a ‘marginally successful’ coach. This realization helps to transform success as material goods into a tool that empowers me to help make the impact I know I’m here to fulfil.

Follow the steps. Identify your Kryptonite. Find a path through or around it. Fulfil your purpose and live a fulfilled life.