Power of Practice – How to Strengthen Your Action Muscle Effectively

Have you heard someone complain or saw them in pain, and because you care about them, you offered ideas that might help, but they replied, “oh, I tried that and it didn’t work”?

People believe that they will have what they want if they find a better way, a better solution or strategy. They take on little actions BEFORE finding that better way.

In my coaching work, I find people often expect results, skills, action, and abilities without taking on practices or they stop after only a few tries. Feeling disempowered, they go into resignation: this is NOT working. Or despair and frustration: I can’t believe I’m here again! I can’t do it. I’m not worthy…

I have also witnessed many clients create successes in all aspects of their life by embracing the power of consistent practice.

Levels of Practice

There are three levels to practice in the process of creation: thoughts, words, and actions.

Level 1. Our thoughts are a reflection of our inner world and how we view the world.
Level 2. Our words describe our thoughts, and by describing them, we activate our feelings, which makes the world we describe more real.
Level 3. Our actions will then be aligned with our feelings, which in turn create the world we thought into physical form.

It’s all connected. By working on one level you will also work on the other two.

Example Time

Here is an example of how my client, let’s call him Joe, did it:

Joe is a massage therapist who’s been in business for over 10 years. He came for coaching burnt out and frustrated with where the business was at and hoping to improve his work and life balance. In short, to work less and make more money.

Shortly after we started coaching, I noticed limitations in his speaking: I can’t have that, it’s too hard, I have no time, I don’t know what I want…

I invited him to become aware of the impact of the wording he was using and to start focusing on giving up the ‘old language’ and use a new one.

Some of the practices we designed for him were:

  • Visualize what he wanted to create every morning before getting out of the bed, to practice picking the thoughts that serve him.
  • To become aware when he was using limited language in speaking, and replace it with words that made him feel open and curious.
  • To take on actions: call clients to fill the appointments 3 weeks ahead, change his business hours, and because of his lack mentality around money, to shift his view of the world we also created a practice for him to give out money for 40 days: give extra tips, make donations, etc.

Joe was a perfect coaching client. He followed each step, took on each practice, and he showed up each session with questions and requests. He restarted when stopped. He was consistent.

Three months into our coaching program, during one coaching session, he showed me an envelope full of cash and said: Maria, all bills are paid and I still have all this money, this has never happened before!

By then he also took 2 days off every week and his massage practice was full.

Just not too long ago he reported that he bought a lawn tractor for his mother, who owns an acreage property.

The Full Circle

Our thoughts create our language, our language paints a picture of our world, it then informs our behaviour which creates our life experience, which becomes our real world.

If you create actions from all three levels and you are taking the actions consistently, you will move mountains. You will create more prosperity and joy than you can imagine because you are that powerful.